( Nov. 12th, 2000 01:08 pm)
I'm really gonna do some homework today. No really I mean it. No I'm serious, something productive is going to be accomplished today.

My apartment is finally clean, though I'm afraid my roommate is going to bring her mess back out to the living room again. What to say about Saturday? It was interesting and highly amusing at moments. Though I think I may have been too mean to somebody and must apologize for my thoughtlessness.

I think I'm going to have a birthday party. Okay so my birthday was almost three months ago, but I never got to have a party and now I know more cool people to invite. So if any of you know of any other parties going on let me know cause I don't want to schedule my party at the same time and then wonder why no one showed up.

Well I'm going to be studious now.
( Nov. 6th, 2000 08:18 pm)
Its amazing I can waste all the time I have at work. Yup. I seem to be able to amuse myself for three hours and in the process avoid falling asleep to the droning of the printer and avoid doing any thing remotely resembling productive work. Yes, I have been eaten by the apathy monster. If it requires brain cells and motivation then its not getting done. Ack!
There are so many productive things I could be doing right now, like all that homework I keep putting off.

I checked all my email accounts. (nothing interesting)
I read the new entries on my friends page (everyone must be busy cause they are all really short).
Discoved www.imbored.com is a really boring site

have to figure out where a I have to go to vote tomorrow.

have to decide whether or not to go to Haven tomorrow

mostly I'm going to sleep as soon as can after this shift is over

and look I managed to waste another five minutes :)




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