( Jun. 25th, 2001 12:41 pm)
So Allan went with me to the ER and we waited about forever to discover I had a tonsil infection. So they gave me a prescription for penicillin and sent me on my way. The wonder of antibiotics, I feel soooo much better. I got to relax most of the weekend as well, which I desparately needed.

Another interview today. This one offers more money but I not sure how I feel about the site itself. I have another batch of resumes to send out so maybe I'll find a place with good pay that I like.

That's about it this weekend. Sleeping and vegging. Getting very pissed off with the bugs that want to live in my house. I vacuumed the living room and my room is next. Maybe that will keep some of them away. There not a lot of them but I don't really like having any in my house.

OOoo I stopped drinking coffee. At least until I'm done with the antibiotics. I think part of what cause the infection is me being dehydrated. So less caffiene for awhile.

Okay back to my oh so stressful job (bursts out in fit of laughter).




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