( Nov. 27th, 2000 07:21 pm)
Almost exactly one week later I finally decide to write a journal entry.
So here's the highlights of my Thanksgiving Break.
Predictable night of mail and tea and conversation with mom until some ungodly hour. We have much better conversations that first night I'm home than anytime else. Except the part where she always seems to ask me some akward question that I have to avoid (This time: "I heard you were depressed,you called your father why didn't you call me")

Food shopping (yes I picked the busiest day of the year to do all my shopping)
Visit dad's work and harass male employee (its not as bad as it sounds)
Pizza with the grandparents
Then I go home get in my pj's watch DC and I get a phone call around 9ish.

Friends "You wanna go out?"
Me "Where?"
Friends "Manray"
Me "Um, okay. What am I going to wear?!"
Friends "Find something, you have until 10- 10:30"
Me "Okay see you then"

Commence frantic search in my normal house for clothing to wear to Manray and being saved only by the fact that I brought my laundry home. Friends show up at some time after 11. We arrive some time around 12. Its nice. Not to crowded. I ran into someone I actually knew who actually recognized me and we talked. Saw others I recognized but don't really know. Unfortunately, one friend started having coughing fits (asthmatic in a club w/smoke dancing his ass off), the other one was just a general mess, and my arm just started throbbing like crazy. So we left around 1ish. My adventure for the break.

Morning on the couch nursing my arm. Afternoon trying to figure out how to cook my tofurkey. And the night w/ my best friends and his family. That was the best part of the day. My best friend and I got to spend some quality time together which has been pretty damn scarce as of late and was something we both needed. Its nice to know that there is at least one person who will be there for you no matter what.

8 hours of shopping. But I'm mostly done and my mommy got me good stuff :)

back to my apt. where I finally turned on the heat. The temp of the living room when I turned on the heat 50.1. The temp of my bedroom 49.7
So I no longer live in an icebox.

Going to campust to do homework and accidently finding the meeting you had kinda planned on going to anyway. And now I am air. Though I would have liked to be the maiden again but that's another story.

And here we are at Monday again. And I'm happy. Yup. Things are pretty good. Even all that homework I haven't been doing isn't bothering me. Doing my best to stay in the moment and not think about future things that could ruin it.

No deep thoughts or ponderances this time. I did my best to leave those all at home.

And to the very sweet boy, I 'm still looking forward to those cookies.
( Nov. 16th, 2000 05:20 pm)
So many things to think about. Thanksgiving and going home, master teaching, what to do with winter break, and next semester, and the many assignments I seem to be behind on. Then there all that social stuff.

I think I will survive T-day at home. I think it might even be good for me. It all else fails at least I get to go shopping :)

Next semester looks like it just might fall in place. Though I'm still afraid that I'm not up to the challenge, that I will never have enough energy to do things the way I want to. Must have faith that it will get better or that I will at least survive.

Also have to start thinking about getting that teacher job. Where and how and who and many unanswered questions.

The assignments will get done and if they don't, well its senior year I can take an incomplete.

So many possibilties for fun tonight, the poly meeting, bowling with Pride Alliance, or going to the pub w/my collegues. But I think I might just go home and go to sleep. Two nights with out it are taking their toll.

Going to see how much I can accomplish between now and then.




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