If you are thinking of donating money to help out the area hit by Hurricane Katrina, I suggest donating to Oxfam America. Oxfam America is distributing emergency grants and relief supplies to local organizations working in the Gulf Coast region. Through these organizations, we have been addressing economic and community development in coastal Mississippi and Louisiana and the Mississippi Delta for 15 years. As we have a clearer understanding of the needs and wishes of the communities where we work, we will continue to step up our direct response and plan for their long-term recovery. In addition, we will explore new partnerships with other organizations that can represent the voices of the rural survivors of the storm.

In other words, they've been working with the poor communities in this area for a long time before this and are attuned to their needs. They are getting help to those who the Red Cross and the government aren't reaching.

As an employee of Oxfam America I can assure you that they people here are committed to making a difference and helping people. I see their hard work and dedication every day.

So here's the website: https://secure.ga3.org/02/katrina_fund



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